Brandon Miller Moves to No. 2; Taylor Hendricks Rising

Following the NBA Draft Combine, mock draft boards have shifted with the lottery results unveiled and several players rising, including Brandon Miller, Taylor Hendricks, Olivier-Maxence Prosper and Ben Sheppard.

To better project where the top prospects currently stand, we compiled 10 mock drafts from ESPN, The Athletic, Bleacher Report, The Ringer,, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, Yahoo, SB Nation, and USA TODAY’s For The Win.

Then, HoopsHype gathered thoughts from multiple NBA executives and scouts for their insight on the projected first-round picks for the sixth edition of the aggregate mock draft to find the answer.

NOTE: These rankings reflect the composite score to get a feel for the overall consensus, not our own opinion. For example, if a player was the first pick on a publication’s mock draft, he received 60 points. If a player was second, he received 59 points, and so on. We then tabulated the total number of points for each player’s consensus ranking. 

HoopsHype’s Alberto de Roa contributed research to this report. 

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(Boulogne-Levallois: Big, International, 7-2)

Previous rank: 1 (-) / Best rank: 1 / Worst rank: 1

Agent: Bouna Ndiaye

Victor Wembanyama will be the third top pick that Gregg Popovich has coached.

In an ESPN interview following the lottery, Spurs owner Peter Holt said he nearly fainted following the result. It’s probably because Wembanyama is projected to add half a billion dollars in franchise value, as noted in a previous HoopsHype mock draft.

Wembanyama – a generational talent with the most pre-draft hype since LeBron James – is in good hands with an organization that developed Robinson and Duncan into Hall of Famers and stayed in San Antonio their entire careers.

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(Alabama: Wing, Freshman, 6-9)

Previous rank: 3 (+1) / Best rank: 2 / Worst rank: 4

Agent: Wilmer Jackson

Brandon Miller’s second overall projection is partly because of an All-Star comparison he garners but also due to his logistical fit with Charlotte next to LaMelo Ball, who Miller called an “animal” and a player he can play next to.

Miller’s upside reminds NBA executives of Paul George, who noted it took George time to develop his jumper and crossover after being drafted by Indiana. Miller’s size and length give him the potential to be a good NBA-level defender with switching capability.

When asked by HoopsHype what he thinks of the comparisons to George, Miller replied, “I think I compare myself to Paul George a lot due to the fact he takes pride in the defensive side. I steal some of his moves and put my own twist to it.”

Miller met with the Hornets, Pistons, Pacers, Magic, and Bulls. In addition to discussing the gun incident with those teams, Miller said the main feedback he received from teams was to hit the weight room more.

“The message I’ve presented to them is it’s all a lesson learned,” Miller said. “You always have to be aware of your surroundings and what you’re surrounded by. I feel like that night could’ve changed my career in less that a heartbeat.”

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(Ignite: Guard, G League, 6-2)

Previous rank: 2 (-1) / Best rank: 2 / Worst rank: 3

Agent: Steve Haney

Scoot Henderson – who has developed a relationship with Stephen Curry and is working out with his trainer, Brandon Payne – fell below the No. 2 pick for the first time in the aggregate mock draft. After playing well head-to-head with Victor Wembanyama earlier this season in Las Vegas, Henderson left NBA talent evaluators convinced he has All-Star potential as a potential franchise building block and drew comparisons to Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose.

Henderson was asked about playing for the Hornets and mentioned he grew up watching Hornets guard Dennis Smith Jr. and is a fan of Mark Williams, whom he played against in the G League. Henderson also said he’d be able to play alongside Damian Lillard if he landed with Portland, but as noted in the post-lottery HoopsHype mock draft, rival executives are closely monitoring Portland and this pick is strong trade bait as Portland tried to improve the roster and compete with Lillard entering the end of his prime years.

Whether he goes second or third overall, Henderson and the Thompson twins are all potential Top 5 picks, and the former G League star believes the trio has shown you can take a non-traditional path to the draft outside of college basketball.

“I hope they see the work and the trail that we’re trying to leave behind,” Henderson said. “Hopefully, kids coming up see that and see that you don’t have to take the traditional way. I feel like Ignite is the best situation any kid could go to, but you’ve got to want to do it. There are grown men out there, and the G League teams are really good. Those guys killed in college and overseas.”

MORE: Scoot Henderson: ‘I feel like I can damn near do it all at this point’

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(Elite: Wing, Overtime, 6-6)

Previous rank: 4 (-) / Best rank: 3 / Worst rank: 6

Agent: Troy Thompson

Amen Thompson – who told reporters at the combine he can make an immediate rookie impact with his ability to get into the paint, facilitate, and lock up on defense – was the fourth overall pick in eight of the 10 mock drafts polled.

“Amen’s ultra-athletic and super twitchy,” his brother, Ausar, said when asked by HoopsHype to give a scouting report. “ I’ve never seen anybody move where they stop and go so quickly.”

As for what the future could hold for Thompson, he modeled parts of his game after four All-Stars.

“I take things from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Ja Morant, LeBron James, and De’Aaron Fox,” Thompson said. “SGA can get to his spot whenever he wants and create contact first so nobody can contest his shot and learn how he scores in the paint because he barely shoots a lot of threes.”

Thompson met with Portland and Orlando at the combine.

With Houston aggressively set to pursue James Harden in free agency and a mandate to improve the team in the immediate future, rival executives expect this pick to be heavily discussed in trade talks with a decent chance of being moved for a win-now player.

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(Villanova: Wing, Freshman, 6-6)

Previous rank: 7 (+2) / Best rank: 5 / Worst rank: 9

Agent: Joe Branch and Bill Duffy

Cam Whitmore is projected fifth overall in five of the 10 mock drafts polled and impressed NBA executives with his physique and shooting ability at his WME Pro Day following the combine.

NBA talent evaluators who’ve spoken with HoopsHype have also mentioned Whitmore’s age as a positive when looking at his long-term upside. The Thompson twins are a year and a half older than Whitmore, who’s also played against older competition in college basketball, as noted by the talent evaluators. Whitmore turns 19 in July.

“After the top three of Wembanyama, Henderson and Miller, Whitmore might be the fourth most talented prospect in the draft,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype.

Whitmore’s physical traits, ability to penetrate off the dribble, and willingness to play solid defense on the wing intrigue NBA scouts and executives. His playmaking ability for his teammates leaves more to be desired.

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(Elite: Wing, Overtime, 6-6)

Previous rank: 5 (-1) / Best rank: 5 / Worst rank: 8

Agent: Troy Thompson

Ausar Thompson was the No. 6 pick in four of the 10 mock drafts polled.

“(Ausar) is an underrated playmaker, great scorer, and he can be a primary or secondary playmaker,” his brother, Amen, said when asked by HoopsHype for a scouting report. “I think he’s a Top 2 defender in this class. I put myself first, though.”

Orlando, who currently holds the sixth pick, was among the teams who met with Thompson as well as Charlotte, Portland, Detroit, and Indiana. Should Orlando select Thompson as projected, what kind of player would they be getting?

“I always say a mix of Shai (Gilgeous-Alexander) and Jimmy Butler,” Thompson replied when asked by HoopsHype for his player comparisons. “Shai gets paint touches and into the mid-range pull-up. Butler’s just a dog, and he’s able to get to the rim. He plays defense, and so does Shai too.”

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(Houston: Big, Freshman, 6-8)

Previous rank: 6 (-1) / Best rank: 5 / Worst rank: 12

Agent: Joe Branch and Bill Duffy

Jarace Walker has improved his stock more than any projected Top 10 player in college this season, thanks to his versatility on both sides of the ball. He met with several lottery teams, including the Spurs, Blazers, Pistons, Jazz, and Thunder, at the combine.

“I feel like there’s nothing on the floor I can’t do,” Walker said at the combine. “I feel like I’m a great playmaker getting my teammates involved, and I can knock down shots. Defensively, I can guard multiple positions, coverage calls, pick-and-rolls.”

Walker’s 7-foot-2 wingspan and 240-pound frame, and ability to move his feet as a switchable defender and shot blocker, with lateral quickness to stay in front of guards on the perimeter, oozes upside for NBA executives. Offensively, Walker improved his three-point shot at Houston, and his passing ability in short rolls should translate to the NBA.

“He’s always been a role player,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “He reminds me of Patrick Williams when I watch him. You could draft him in the top five because of his body and perceived upside, but he’s never done it as a lead guy. To me, you’ve got to do it at least at one level (high school or college). He’s always contributed to winning teams and is willing to accept any role on winning teams.”

Walker’s game has also drawn comparisons to Paul Millsap and Larry Johnson from NBA executives, as noted in previous mock drafts.

If Indiana keeps this pick and Walker falls to them, the Pacers will have their power forward of the future.

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(UCF: Big, Freshman, 6-9) 

Previous rank: 11 (+3) / Best rank: 5 / Worst rank: 10

Agent: Raymond Brothers

Taylor Hendricks is projected to be a Top 10 pick for the first time and could potentially land with the Wizards. Ironically, former Wizards guard John Wall worked out with Hendricks and gave him advice on different pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop sets.

NBA executives believe Hendricks is an ideal frontcourt player because of his positional versatility to play the four or small-ball five, spread the defense beyond the arc with his shooting, switch and defend guards and wings on the perimeter, and block shots at the rim.

“Hendricks is big, knows how to play, can shoot well, and can defend and guard in a switch because he can block shots at the rim even if the guard gets by him,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype. “He’s the best prospect coming out of the AAC ahead of Jarace Walker.”

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(Arkansas: Guard, Freshman, 6-7)

Previous rank: 8 (-1) / Best rank: 4 / Worst rank: 10

Agent: Bill Duffy and Justin Haynes

According to NBA executives, Anthony Black predominantly compares to Shaun Livingston before he was injured.

Black’s offensive upside could be limited as he didn’t create much space off the dribble and has yet to show consistency as a shooter off the dribble. NBA defenders will go under screens on him, which could also limit his penetration ability.

“Black is a big guard who knows who he is and doesn’t force a lot of shots,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “I’m just terrified of his shooting. If he becomes a league-average shooter, you’ve got everything else that’ll open up, and you’re cooking with gas. He can defend anyone he wants, and that’s the beauty of his game, along with his passing.”

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(Kansas: Wing, Freshman, 6-7)

Previous rank: 9 (-1) / Best rank: 7 / Worst rank: 11

Agent: Bill Duffy and Isiah Turner

Gradey Dick is one of the draft’s top shooters and profiles similarly to Gordon Hayward physically at the combine.

However, he’s more than just a shooter with good size for his position and showed a willingness to cut to the rim. Defensively, he’s a better defender than given credit for ranking in the 95th percentile in steals (1.5) per CBB Analytics.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Kentucky: Guard, Freshman, 6-4)

Previous rank: 10 (-1) / Best rank: 8 / Worst rank: 15

Agent: Jeff Schwartz and Max Lipsett

NBA executives believe Cason Wallace’s defense and playmaking ability should translate relatively quickly to the pro level while he develops as a scorer. His foul shooting (75.7 percent) and three-point shooting (34.6 percent) give executives confidence that he’ll be able to shoot beyond the arc at a league-average or better clip over time.

One long-time NBA executive compared Wallace, who boasted a 6-foot-9 wingspan at the combine, to Knicks guard Immanuel Quickley.

Michael Ciaglo-USA TODAY Sports

(Baylor: Guard, Freshman, 6-4)

Previous rank: 13 (+1) / Best rank: 11 / Worst rank: 18

Agent: Mike Miller

Keyonte George, who modeled his game after Bradley Beal, has drawn comparisons to former Sixth Man of the Year Eric Gordon from NBA executives.

“I feel like I’m an elite scorer,” George said at the combine. “I think I showed this year that my passing ability is really up there. I can pass with my right or left hand. I think I showed towards the end of the year some of my athleticism. I play with tenacity on the defensive end showing spurts where I can stay in front of my man and knowing where to be on rotations on the help side. I think I showed I can have an all-around game.”

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Arkansas: Guard, Freshman, 6-5)

Previous rank: 12 (-1) / Best rank: 10 / Worst rank: 20

Agent: Lucas Newton

Nick Smith was heavily in the conversation for the third overall pick before injuries limited him this season at Arkansas.

“Don’t forget Nick Smith was the best player in his last year in NIKE EYBL on a team with Brandon Miller,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype.

Smith’s 6-foot-9 wingspan, effortless NBA three-point range, and ability to create off the dribble for himself or in pick-and-roll action are the traits that intrigue executives. His slender frame and ability to hit the weight room effectively will play a large part in his ability to avoid injuries at the pro level and become a better defender.

Smith, 19, has drawn comparisons to Jamal Crawford and Malik Monk as a scorer.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(UConn: Wing, Sophomore, 6-5)

Previous rank: 14 (-) / Best rank: 11 / Worst rank: 26

Agent: Ty Sullivan

Jordan Hawkins is considered one of the top shooters, especially coming off screens, in this year’s draft and maintained his projected lottery range in consecutive aggregate mock draft polls. Hawkins’ ability to move off the ball and get open with screens as a knockdown shooter is an NBA skill that will translate immediately in a league always looking for more shooting.

“The NCAA Tournament was a coming out party for him,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “I don’t think people realize how athletic he is. He can really get up. That’s part of why he gets his shot off so quickly. How he comes off screens is elite.”

Hawkins, who earned 1st Team All-Big East honors, shot 38.8 percent from downtown and took 63.1 percent of his overall field goal attempts from beyond the arc.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

(Michigan: Guard, Sophomore, 6-4)

Previous rank: 25 (+10) / Best rank: 13 / Worst rank: 24

Agent: Jelani Floyd, Thaddeus Foucher and Joe Smith

Michigan’s Kobe Bufkin has vaulted into lottery consideration following the draft combine, where he measured with a 6-foot-8 wingspan.

In his sophomore season, Bufkin proved he could score at all three levels efficiently and was a solid rebounder for his position (4.5 per game). In his last 12 games, Bufkin shot 52 percent from the field, 45.1 percent from beyond the arc, and averaged 17.4 points with 6.1 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 1.2 steals per game.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Indiana: Guard, Freshman, 6-6)

Previous rank: 16 (-) / Best rank: 14 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Austin Brown

Indiana’s Jalen Hood-Schifino has put himself in the conversation to become a lottery pick thanks to his elite 6-foot-5 size and 6-foot-10 wingspan for the point guard position and as a defender who can cover multiple positions.

Currently, he’s considered a streaky three-point shooter, but his free throw percentage (77.6) offers the plausible belief that his three-point shot will improve and become more consistent over the years.

Hood-Schifino has been projected 16th overall now in consecutive aggregate mock drafts.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Ignite: Wing, G League, 6-10)

Previous rank: 22 (+5) / Best rank: 12 / Worst rank: 29

Agent: Bill Duffy

Leonard Miller’s draft stock is as high as it’s been all season, thanks to his versatility as a left-handed forward who handles the ball well for his position and is a solid defender. The biggest knock on Miller, according to NBA talent evaluators, is his inconsistent jump shot.

“Don’t give him space because he’s going to dunk on your head,” Miller’s teammate Sidy Cissoko told HoopsHype. “He can shoot. People say he can’t shoot, but he can shoot.”

The Canadian forward, who interviewed with the Pacers at the combine, previously compared his upside to Lamar Odom in an interview with HoopsHype.

Miller worked out for the Lakers who currently hold this selection.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Iowa: Wing, Junior, 6-8)

Previous rank: 21 (+3) / Best rank: 14 / Worst rank: 24

Agent: Mark Bartelstein and Kyle McAlarney

NBA executives project Kris Murray as a 3-and-D wing or stretch four who’s ready to contribute immediately after being the focal point of Iowa’s offense as a junior. Defensively, Murray is considered an adequate defender.

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

(Michigan: Guard, Freshman, 6-8)

Previous rank: 15 (-4) / Best rank: 14 / Worst rank: 31

Agent: Dave Spahn

Jett Howard’s size and three-point shooting are his top traits that NBA executives believe will translate immediately. Defensively, Howard is a below-average rebounder.

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

(Ohio State: Wing, Freshman, 6-6)

Previous rank: 19 (-1) / Best rank: 12 / Worst rank: 30

Agent: Jelani Floyd, Thaddeus Foucher and Joe Smith

Brice Sensabaugh can score at all three levels while being efficient shooting from downtown (40.5 percent) and finishing at the basket in traffic (5.3 paint points). He’s also an above-average rebounder for his position. According to NBA scouts, the knock on Sensabaugh is his fluctuating motor defensively and inability to make others around him better as a playmaker.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Duke: Big, Freshman, 7-1)

Previous rank: 23 (+2) / Best rank: 10 / Worst rank: 28

Agent: Rich Paul

Coming into the draft with lesser expectations than when he was a top recruit has given Dereck Lively a chip on his shoulder.

“It makes me hungry,” Lively told HoopsHype. “People are going to look at me and overcast me. People don’t want to respect me. It makes me want to work harder and make more of a name for myself.”

Lively’s defensive ability as a rim protector, switchable big man on pick-and-roll coverage, and lob threat on offense make him valuable in the eyes of NBA talent evaluators.

When asked who he’d compare himself to at the NBA level, Lively gave a diverse list of players. “I’d definitely say Willie Cauley-Stein, and you’ve got aspects of Anthony Davis’ game and Hakeem Olajuwon’s game,” Lively told HoopsHype.

Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

(South Carolina: Big, Freshman, 6-10)

Previous rank: 17 (-5) / Best rank: 11 / Worst rank: 32

Agent: Donnell Bruce

GG Jackson entered the combine, hoping to send a clear message to NBA executives at the combine. “What they saw during the season as far as me going on Instagram LIVE and the behavior issues isn’t the kind of player that I am,” Jackson said. “I’m just a competitive player who wants to win. I’m willing to do anything and everything to try to help the organization.”

After being the offensive focal point on a South Carolina team with a lack of overall talent around him, Jackson also wants executives to know he can fit into a system.

“My playmaking skills were very iffy this year,” Jackson said. “With the high usage rate, I felt like I had high expectations I put on myself to be the superhero, so a lot of shots you might look back and say, ‘What was that?’”

Jackson – who sees himself splitting time between the three and four positions – is working on his lateral quickness to improve his ability to stay in front of his opponent, tightening his handle and shooting off the dribble ahead of the draft.

Jackson interviewed with the Lakers, Knicks, Jazz, and Raptors at the combine.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

(New Zealand Breakers: Wing, International, 6-6)

Previous rank: 18 (-5) / Best rank: 17 / Worst rank: 39

Agent: Bouna Ndiaye

Rayan Rupert’s 7-foot-3 wingspan and athleticism have NBA executives drooling over his potential defensive ability. Offensively, Rupert has shown flashes of playmaking in pick-and-roll action and on fast breaks in transition but will need to improve his consistency as a three-point shooter and foul shooter.

Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports

(Duke: Wing, Freshman, 6-6)

Previous rank: 20 (-4) / Best rank: 13 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Jeff Schwartz and James Dunleavy

If Dariq Whitehead, who turns 19 in August, can enter workouts fully healthy and regain the athleticism that made him a top recruit, he could rise closer to the draft. His three-point shooting (43 percent) and size intrigue executives.

“I’d take a chance on Dariq because he’s a wing who can handle and pass with the hope that his three-point shooting is the real deal,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype.

Whitehead’s physique has been compared to Lance Stephenson and Dwayne Bacon by NBA scouts and executives, as noted in previous aggregate mock drafts.

Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

(Boulogne-Levallois: Wing, International, 6-6)

Previous rank: 30 (+5) / Best rank: 15 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Bouna Ndiaye

Bilal Coulibaly made the most of his opportunity to play alongside Victor Wembanyama with NBA talent evaluators routinely on hand for their games. Offensively, he can create off the dribble – including a Eurostep in recent games – and get to the rim with long strides and capable finishing ability. Defensively, his 7-foot-3 wingspan, athleticism, and size offer the upside to be a lockdown defender. Improving his shooting and adding strength will be on his bucket list heading to the NBA.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Pepperdine: Wing, Sophomore, 6-7)

Previous rank: 24 (-2) / Best rank: 16 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: N/A

Maxwell Lewis boasts a 7-foot wingspan, is considered one of the top wing players in this year’s draft. What Lewis lacks in burst, he makes up for with long strides and a hesitation move off the dribble to attack the rim. Lewis recently worked out for the Lakers.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

(Alabama: Big, Freshman, 6-10)

Previous rank: 28 (+1) / Best rank: 16 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Rich Paul

Noah Clowney is a good rebounder and shot blocker who can defend smaller guards on switches due to his athleticism and quick feet. Offensively, he can score around the rim with either hand and occasionally stretch the defense beyond the college arc. His below-average foul shooting has some skeptical that he can be a consistent shooter.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(NC State: Guard, Sophomore, 6-4)

Previous rank: 27 (-1) / Best rank: 18 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Todd Ramasar

Terquavion Smith told HoopsHype he believes his range is from 19 to 30 at the combine.

When asked by HoopsHype which players he compares himself with, Smith replied, “I’ve got De’Aaron Fox, Immanuel Quickley, and a little bit of Tyrese Maxey. All of those guys are quick. They shoot the ball well, can create for others, and can play off the ball well.”

According to NBA scouts, if Smith can improve his release point and become a more consistent shooter from beyond the arc, his ceiling will be considerably higher at the next level. Smith will also need to bulk up to hold his own defensively at the NBA level.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

(Xavier: Guard, Junior, 6-6)

Previous rank: 26 (-3) / Best rank: 25 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Sean Kennedy and Jared Mucha

Colby Jones knocked down the three-pointer more consistently (37.8 percent) in his junior season.

According to various NBA scouts who’ve watched Jones several times this season, he’s a solid all-around player. Jones had recent workouts with Portland and Utah, who both have first-round picks in the 20s.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(UCLA: Wing, Senior, 6-7)

Previous rank: 34 (+4) / Best rank: 27 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Aaron Mintz

Jaime Jaquez cracks the first round for the first time in the aggregate mock draft poll after winning the Pac-12 Player of the Year award. Jaquez is an elite rebounder (8.2 per game) and defender (1.5 steals per game) who has drawn the attention of NBA talent evaluators for making winning hustle plays.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

(Wake Forest: Big, Freshman, 6-10)

Previous rank: N/A / Best rank: 18 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Michael Tellem

Bobi Klintman makes his first appearance on the aggregate mock draft after he pulled out of the NBA Draft Combine. Klintman has also recently informed Wake Forest that he is not returning to college, as The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor noted. Klintman moves fluidly and has shown an ability to handle the ball well for his size, spread the floor beyond the arc, and pass well for his position.

At the combine, there was a belief circulating that the Pacers are high on the Swedish big man.

Javier Soriano/AFP/Getty Images

(Barcelona: Big, International, 6-11)

Previous rank: 32 (-) / Best rank: 23 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Jim Tanner, Deirunas Visockas

James Nnaji has made a name for himself overseas thanks to his defensive upside as a shot blocker who can switch and move his feet well on the perimeter against smaller guards. He’s also a relentless rebounder. The 18-year-old prospect has a high motor and finishes strong with power around the rim, and offers a high upside.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Santa Clara: Guard, Sophomore, 6-5)

Previous rank: 36 (+3) / Best rank: 20 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: David Mondress and Bill Duffy

Brandin Podziemski, the WCC Player of the Year, put himself on the NBA map with a breakout season for Santa Clara as one of the top three-point shooters in the country (43.8 percent), with the ability to score at all three levels and get to the foul line often (4.5 attempts per game). Defensively, Podziemski’s size helps him guard three positions, generate steals (1.8 per game), and rebound well for a guard (8.8 per game).

His player comparison list is also as diverse as his game.

Manu Ginobili, Luka Doncic, Donte DiVincenzo, and Jalen Brunson,” Podziemski told HoopsHype. “I take bits and pieces of all four guys that are athletic, but people criticize them for their athleticism. They’re super high IQ guys and figure out ways to make the team better.”

Podziemski will soon join Marcin Gortat and Jeremy Sochan as Polish NBA players. Sochan has also reached out to him about playing for the Polish national team, Podziemski told HoopsHype.

Podziemski is also coming into the NBA with a chip on his shoulder, as he explained to HoopsHype.

“Being a white guy in the NBA, there’s no secret that you’re a minority,” Podziemski told HoopsHype. “It’s harder for you because teams target you on defense, especially, and you’ve got to have that confidence, swagger, and toughness about you to be successful and be in the league a long time.”

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Ignite: Wing, G League, 6-7)

Previous rank: 33 (-1) / Best rank: 24 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Jim Tanner

Sidy Cissoko is a versatile player on both sides of the court who could land in the late first or early second round.

“What NBA team wouldn’t be highly interested in a powerful, versatile guard/forward with a high IQ, capable of adapting quickly to other good players?” G League Ignite GM Anthony McClish told HoopsHype. “Coaches, teammates, and fans will gravitate to his competitiveness and spirit.”

Cissoko, who turns 19 in April, had five straight games with 20 or more points from February 23 to March 3 and has shown the ability to create shots for his teammates off penetration and has the tools to be a solid NBA defender.

“I don’t know if there’s much you can do against him because he can do it all,” Cissoko’s teammate Leonard Miller told HoopsHype at the combine.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(UConn: Guard, Junior, 6-6)

Previous rank: 39 (+4) / Best rank: 29 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Drew Gross

Andre Jackson Jr.’s stock is as high as it’s been in the aggregate mock draft poll. He’s a versatile player who can facilitate and rebound and is an athletic defender who can guard three positions while filling up a box score across the board and impacting winning. The biggest question mark is whether he can improve his perimeter shooting.

“Jackson is the glue guy you’d want on your team,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

(Indiana: Big, Senior, 6-9)

Previous rank: 29 (-7) / Best rank: 23 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: James Dunleavy and Max Lipsett

Trayce Jackson-Davis, the son of former NBA veteran Dale Davis, has an NBA-ready physique with a 7-foot-1 wingspan. He’s considered a good rebounder and scorer in the post. He can also operate as a passer from the mid-post and in dribble handoff action. Looking ahead, he’ll need to expand his range to adapt to the NBA game and become a more consistent foul shooter.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Houston: Guard, Senior, 6-2)

Previous rank: 35 (-2) / Best rank: 32 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Mark Bartelstein

Marcus Sasser, the AAC Player of the Year, displayed his shot-making prowess from every scoring level, an ability to finish through contact, and toughness defensively. He’s as ready as any prospect to make an immediate impact.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(UCLA: Guard, Freshman, 6-4)

Previous rank: 38 (-) / Best rank: 27 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Bernie Lee

Amari Bailey was one of the winners at the combine by showing his ball-handling ability and was effective in pick-and-roll sets in scrimmages.

When asked by HoopsHype what he learned in his one season at UCLA, Bailey replied, “I learned how to be effective as a fourth or fifth option. Coming into the league, I may not be first, second, or even a third option, so playing as a fourth or fifth option and playing off the catch and knowing how to get off in multiple ways, and impacting the game with my defense and playmaking ability to create for others and myself.”

Afterward, Bailey was asked what aspects of an NBA player’s game relate to his. Bailey compared his game to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and D’Angelo Russell with his change of pace and ability to create as a ball handler.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

(Kansas: Big, Junior, 6-8)

Previous rank: 31 (-8) / Best rank: 29 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Bill Duffy and David Mondress

Jalen Wilson improved his ability to stretch the floor more (33.7 percent beyond the arc) and averaged 20.1 points and 8.3 rebounds.

“He can be a point forward who defends, moves the ball, and rebounds,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “He impacts winning at the college level. The question is if he can shoot at the NBA level.”

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Gonzaga: Guard, Junior, 6-7)

Previous rank: 37 (-3) / Best rank: 33 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Darren Matsubara

Julian Strawther showed notable improvement as a three-point shooter (.365 to .408) and rebounds well for his position (6.2 per game). Strawther appears to be staying in the draft, according to The Spokesman Review. “Right now, I’m 100 percent locked in on the draft,” Strawther said. “That’s my main priority. It’s been my priority since I put my name in. Getting ready for the NBA, that’s my main focus.” He recently worked out for the Warriors.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

(Missouri: Guard, Senior, 6-8)

Previous rank: 50 (+9) / Best rank: 36 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Kieran Piller, Mark Bartelstein

Kobe Brown’s stock is as high as it’s been all season in the aggregate mock draft poll. As noted by ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, Brown has improved his physique since the end of the season and looked to be in great shape at his Priority Sports Pro Day. Brown made his way onto the NBA radar by shooting 45.5 percent from three-point range this past season.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

(Arkansas: Guard, Junior, 6-6)

Previous rank: 40 (-2) / Best rank: 35 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Adie von Gontard

Ricky Council can guard the one through three positions, given his size. Offensively, his biggest question mark is his ability to hit threes consistently.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Kansas State: Wing, Senior, 6-6)

Previous rank: 41 (-2) / Best rank: 34 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Kieran Piller, Andy Shiffman

Keyontae Johnson was recently cleared by the NBA’s Fitness to Play panel, which would allow him to be selected in June’s NBA Draft, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported. Johnson is coming off an impressive season at Kansas State, where he averaged 17.4 points on 51.6 percent shooting from the field and 40.5 percent from downtown with 6.8 rebounds.

(KK Partizan: Big, International, 7-0) 

Previous rank: 48 (+4) / Best rank: 29 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Jason Ranne

Tristan Vukcevic impressed NBA talent evaluators on hand at the combine with his play in scrimmages, which included multiple three-pointers. Vukcevic’s potential as a stretch-five and mobility intrigue teams.

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

(Dayton: Big, Sophomore, 6-10)

Previous rank: 51 (+6) / Best rank: 30 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Aaron Reilly

DaRon Holmes led the A-10 Conference in several categories, including blocks (1.9), field goal percentage (.590), free throws made (158), and player efficiency rating (28.0). He’s consistently projected as a second-round pick in the late 30s to mid-40s range.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

(Illinois: Wing, Senior, 6-6)

Previous rank: 44 (-2) / Best rank: 39 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Andy Shiffman

Terrence Shannon’s frame helps him guard three positions effectively, and he has an all-around offensive game. While versatile, he doesn’t have an elite skill.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Creighton: Guard, Sophomore, 6-4)

Previous rank: 46 (-1) / Best rank: 29 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Greg Lawrence

Trey Alexander had a nice showing at the combine. He got to the rim and created for himself in scrimmages. Alexander was a knockdown three-point shooter at Creighton in his sophomore season at a 41 percent clip. His effectiveness in operating out of ball screens appeals to NBA talent evaluators.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

(UCLA: Big, Freshman, 6-10)

Previous rank: 66 (+18) / Best rank: 38 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: N/A

Adem Bona is a good shot blocker and rim protector while moving his feet well in pick-and-roll coverage.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(Tennessee: Wing, Freshman, 6-8)

Previous rank: 45 (-4) / Best rank: 37 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Dave Spahn

Following the combine, a report surfaced that Julian Phillips has heard from several schools while maintaining his eligibility in the transfer portal. The schools include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Boston College, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Dayton, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Memphis, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Oregon, Penn State, South Carolina, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Villanova, Virginia, and Wake Forest, per ESPN’s Jeff Borzello.

Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

(Belmont: Guard, Senior, 6-6)

Previous rank: 73 (+23) / Best rank: 39 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: George Langberg

Ben Sheppard shot 41.5 percent as a senior for Belmont and shot the ball well at the combine, impressing NBA talent evaluators in attendance.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

(Marquette: Big, Junior, 6-8)

Previous rank: 80 (+29) / Best rank: 20 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Todd Ramasar

Olivier-Maxence Prosper was arguably the biggest winner of the combine by playing well in scrimmages, measuring in with a 7-foot-1 wingspan and a 40.5-inch max vertical.

(Mega Basket: Wing, International, 6-8)

Previous rank: 43 (-9) / Best rank: 42 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Jared Mucha

Nikola Djurisic has shown he can create for his teammates and guard on the perimeter. He’s struggled shooting from beyond the arc so far this season but will have a chance in workouts to show he’s a better shooter.

Djurisic recently worked out for the Charlotte Hornets.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

(Eastern Michigan: Wing, Sophomore, 6-9)

Previous rank: 52 (-1) / Best rank: 23 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: N/A

Emoni Bates entered the combine looking to show NBA teams he’s worked on his defense, being able to make his teammates better, and being more vocal as a leader.

HoopsHype asked Bates what it was like being considered a 15-year-old prodigy and dealing with heightened expectations over the years.

“It definitely was hard,” Bates replied. “I’ve been ranked No. 1 since I was in sixth grade until my senior year of high school. For me, it was about getting better each year. As a kid, that’s kind of hard. Now, I’m at peace. I love the position I’m in right now because now I just get to work and focus on getting better, and I don’t have to worry about expectations or none of that.”

After dealing with lofty expectations for most of his life, HoopsHype followed up by asking Bates what player he believes he can become now.

“In my opinion, I definitely feel like I can be one of the best players to ever play this game because I know how hard I work,” Bates replied. “I’ve been playing against people that are going into this draft my whole life. For me, this is about getting better and stronger. When I get stronger, it’s going to be fun.”

After working out for Dallas and Charlotte, Bates was scheduled to work out for Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix, OKC, Portland, and Brooklyn.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

(Syracuse: Guard, Freshman, 6-3)

Previous rank: 47 (-7) / Best rank: 42 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: N/A

Judah Mintz did his best to improve his stock by creating for his teammates, maneuvering in space for mid-range shots, cutting to the rim, and pressuring the ball as a defender at the combine. Mintz scored most of his points per game (16.3) in the mid-range while only attempting 66 threes in 32 games during his freshman season at Syracuse.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

(UCLA: Guard, Junior, 6-5)

Previous rank: 59 (+4) / Best rank: 46 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Greg Lawrence

Jaylen Clark is considered one of the top defenders in this class after being named the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. Clark can defend players bigger than him and is an elite rebounder for his position (6.0).

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

(Texas: Wing, Freshman, 6-7)

Previous rank: 42 (-14) / Best rank: 33 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Sam Rose, Andrew Morrison

During the combine, Dillon Mitchell showcased parts of his game he wasn’t able to at Texas, including a three-point jumper. Mitchell told the San Antonio Express-News he’s “definitely leaning towards” staying in the draft.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

(Washington State: Big, Sophomore, 6-11)

Previous rank: 68 (+11) / Best rank: 47 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Amandeep Dhesi

Mouhamed Gueye had a breakout sophomore season at Washington State, where he improved as a scorer (7.4 to 14.3 points) and rebounder (5.2 to 8.4 rebounds). His 7-foot-3 wingspan, ability to rebound at a high rate on the offensive end and motor are intriguing.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

(Arkansas: Wing, Freshman, 6-7)

Previous rank: 71 (+13) / Best rank: 30 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Ramon Sessions

Jordan Walsh is considered a versatile defender who can guard four positions. He improved his stock at the combine in Chicago and has upcoming workouts with the Celtics, Nets, Jazz, Pistons, and Magic, HoopsHype has learned.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

(Illinois: Big, Junior, 6-10)

Previous rank: 49 (-10) / Best rank: 46 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: Mike Miller

Coleman Hawkins is considered a good passer for his position who can facilitate the offense from the high post and filled the stat sheet defensively with 1.2 blocks and 1.1 steals per game. He reportedly has an upcoming workout with the Warriors and has already worked out for the Rockets, Celtics, Thunder, and Nets.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

(Princeton: Wing, Senior, 6-8)

Previous rank: 54 (-6) / Best rank: 49 / Worst rank: NR

Agent: George Langberg

Tosan Evbuomwan is considered a good ball-handler and passer for his position.

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